When Life Gives You Rainy Days, Wear Cute Boots & Jump in the Puddles

The weather has been rather dark and dreary in Toronto Canada this month of may. When there is an increase of dark rainy weather in our lives, we often experience drops in energy levels and can feel depressed or even feel we are in a bad mood. Sunlight when absorbed by the human body creates vitamin D and also boosts serotonin levels, serotonin is our brains mood regulating chemical. It is very important to be gentle with your co-workers, friends, family, spouse, strangers and most importantly ourselves. I take public transit too and from work and school and I am exposed to lots of people during my days its is apparent that as a collective group many of us negatively suffer from the energy lows and or mood swings and an increase of negative or depressing thoughts when the weather is miserable.

My blog is all about painting a different picture and as I remind myself I am a canvas and my life is my gallery. I commit on rainy days to putting more effort into lifting my mood and wanted to share a few ways that work for me and open the conversation up and see how others keep their moods up on gloomy days.

Monitor your music choices seriously guys this is so important! On rainy days, I put aside melancholy music in favor of upbeat, uplifting and fun music. Positive and upbeat music has the power to change our moods and make us feel more energetic and happy.

Get moving, if you are stuck at a desk, get up at least once an hour and take a brief walk, I like to go to the gym if I can for a sweet dose of endorphins. When we exercise, our bodies produce anti-bodies and release chemicals called endorphins, they interact with brain receptors and reduce pain, so scientifically moving helps our moods. You can use a rainy day as an opportunity to try a new class like indoor rock climbing, barre, spin or belly dancing. I am very lucky to live in the Greater Toronto Area where there are many great options.

Get organized, tangible tasks that allow us to start something and finish it give us a great sense of worth and accomplishment. You can do a task as small as organizing your makeup to a large task like cleaning the entire house. Personally, I love to have clean fresh smelling sheets to lay in when I go to sleep at night, there is just something soothing about fresh bed linens.

Get a good night’s rest, listen to your body because we feel extra tired on rainy days be kind to yourself and get a few extra winks if you can.

I love to meditate or do yoga on rainy days, although it is relaxing and can increase lethargy and tiredness, it also can increase our mood and mental state and give us a sense of peace and comfort.

Flowers have been shown in studies to boost moods and creativity, if you can, stop in to the store and pick up a colourful bouquet of flowers to put in your home or work space.

Some of the best conversations happen on rainy days, whether in person or over the phone, reach out to your friends and family and catch up.

Netflix and chill, I love to snuggle up with my fiancé and watch a good movie or documentary, rainy days can be a good time to bond with your partner over a good flick. If you are single don’t flinch because pets and pillows make good substitutions.

Aroma Therapy, I am totally aroma therapy obsessed and love to have essential oils in my bag that I use daily. Scents can help relax us and improve our moods. Stay tuned in the following weeks for an educational post entirely about essential oils and scents. The following scents are my go to for improving my mood, chamomile, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, basil, rose, bergamot, geranium, neroli, petitgrain and lavender. I encourage you to share your aroma therapy suggestions with me in the comment section.

Trade in your coffee for tea, I love a large dose of coffee or a latte but on rainy days when my energy drops I switch to tea. With coffee, the high is shorter and stronger with a greater crash whereas tea will keep you going longer. Caffeine is nice for energy but a good herbal tea can also play to your senses. I love herbal rose tea, I am literally obsessed its pretty and it smells like a garden. If you can’t put your coffee down even for a rainy day you might want to consider limiting your number of cups.

Eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as egg yolk, certain dairy, soy, orange juice, milk, cereal, beef liver, okra, kale, spinach, white beans, soy, fatty fish and nuts.

Start a creative project, use your free time to do something creative, write your blog, colour, do a Pinterest project, practice your creative writing, learn something new like how to make hemp bracelets, watercolour paint or try a musical instrument, I suggest the ukulele because it is a great instrument for beginners to pic up.

Plan something for the future, on rainy days, I like to utilize my time setting goals, creating a vision board or researching and planning a trip that I will take at a later date.

Try a new recipe, give a new recipe a shot perhaps using some of the mood boosting foods I suggested.

Do your nails, see your nail girl, treat yourself, if you don’t see a nail girl, grab a polish and do an at home manicure and pedicure.

Burn Candles, embrace the dark vibes, get some candles going and put on a scary movie or a radio program like coast to coast on am radio.

Last but not least, put on your rain boots and jump in some puddles, maybe you can even do a rainy day photo shoot with your cutest umbrella.

I love the rich color eggplant contrasted by the creamy color of the over-sized sweater, the dress has a little patterned detail and the sweater has a fuzzy texture. I paired my outfit with my practical rainy day footwear, my go to Hunter rain boots from Soft Moc. I like the shiny ones but they come in matte also and in several color options you can find them here they are a bit expensive but worth it as they are versatile and have a lifetime warranty. I purchased the dress at Value Village thrift store for a steal at seven dollars and it is my very first Marc Jacobs piece, I love the length that it comes just below the knee, most of all I love this color, I can’t get over how elegant and feminine it is. I found a few other dresses that are in this beautiful color here here and even this gorgeous piece for my beautiful curvy women here My sweater is so cozy and it actually was lent to me by my close friend who is also my favorite photographer (who shoots me setting the aperture of her lens manually) I love shooting with my best friend because she is a huge supporter of me and my blog, we have become like sisters over the years and I always trust her artistic vision, you absolutely should check her work out here The sweater was a purchase while she was in North Carolina but I have linked some in similar colors here here and here and for my curvy women here

I am so excited to be writing again and would love to hear about what you all do to keep your sanity when the forecast is rainy.


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