Giving you the “Scoop” On Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Ice cream sandwiches on housemade cookies, cups, cones & to-go tubs


93A Ossington Ave
Toronto, Canada
Tues-Thurs: 1pm-10pm Fri-Sat: 1pm-11pm  Sun: 1pm-10pm
You can order the ice cream at Bang Bang in a wide variety of combinations. Bang Bang’s cookies are moist my favorite is the date cookie. Be prepared to wait in line becaise Bang Bang is a popular spot, this is not a disappointing factor because a good conversation while you wait is one of life’s little pleasantries I much enjoy.  My hubby come here sometimes on hot days for a date and we love to watch what other people order  and to try their combinations sometimes ourselves.

#overrated #thatsnotwhatmysandwichsaid #icecream

Flavors featured in this photo are pb-concord grape jelly and b’day cookie doh



~ avocado burnt toffee ~ bellwoods stout beer n’ brown bread (bellwoods base) ~ black tea banana puddin’ ~ sanagans double smoked bourbon bacon ~ cinnamon toast ~ b’day cookie doh ~ corn on the cone ~ chocolate2 chocolate-hazelnut ~ candy apple cheesecake ~ chestnut-matcha ~ maltease me ~ dulce de leche ~ fresh mint ~frooty loops ~ ginger milk  chocolate ~ ginger milk ~ hazelnut ~ olive oil ~thank you very matcha ~ key lime pie ~ pink lemonade ~  London fog ~ lemon meringue ~ mud mango puddin’ ~ miso mon cheri ~ lychee raspberry ~ orange cardamom ~ fig and chevre (grey owl)  ~ passion fruit milk ~ chocolate pb-chocolate ~ pb-concord grape jelly ~ pumpkin spice ~ gingerbread  ~ rocky roadkill  ~ campfire marshmallow ~ Ontario  strawberry sjcb ~ espresso ~ vanilla bean ~ bellyache coffee and sambuca ~ Italian eggnog  ~ vegan chocolate raspberry  ~ salted caramel ~ vanilla ~ mojito


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