A new bloggers thoughts on the dirty side of Instagram

There are things “Influencers” just don’t want any brands to discover, in today’s blog post I share the secrets the knowledge and the dirty side of Influencers and content creators.

I have a small following on instagram, under 1k followers and even smaller amount of followers on my blog, but each and every one of the people who follow me is a real person who has shown genuine interest in my content. I take my authenticity seriously, I hope to grow but I refuse to become what I like to call an Instagram scam. Due to the fact that I have a smaller following, I am able to really study and notice when other people who I thought were the real deal are simply not. I’ve learned that people care more about numbers than anything else.

Brand and Sponsors beware

Brands or Sponsors should predict Return on Investment by clicking through people’s followers and checking their engagements it takes a few minutes but it’s a sure-fire way to gauge someone’s actual influence versus just the number of followers.

Robot Followers

  • signs of robot followers are
  • lots of profiles with no pictures
  • followers who when you actually click on them, are following 5657 people with only 100 following them or they have 2-16 stock photos

I’m not accusing everybody of buying followers , even though I know people do, but I am encouraging people to go through their followers and block and delete and report their bots. As for pr companies and brands, you don’t have to scroll far down on someone’s page to discover the fakes, a few random clicks should give you proof.

Hundred or Thousands of followers over night

One of the most obvious signs of an inauthentic influencer is  hundreds or thousands of followers overnight, people do this because for whatever reason, people like to follow people with big followings so these influencers don’t feel  secure with their numbers so they spike them in hope people will see them as more influential than they are.

People claiming to have authentic growth who really grow because they follow a bunch of people who follow them back and then they unfollow them hoping they wont notice

If you notice someone has a ton of followers and are not following a ton of people and they follow you, they will probably only unfollow you once you follow them and hope you don’t notice.

Some people pay companies to grow a following for them by generating likes and getting follows by following to unfollow using software.

Authentic Influencers beware

If you work hard, gain a true following and have a good reputation I would be mindful of who you choose to engage with and support. It’s a shame to see someone get duped by the insta scams out there. And to those of you with a small authentic following like me don’t let yourself get played by those with large following who are using you to grow their own brand they don’t actually care about you or your brand and don’t deserve your support. If your growing slowly and your following is going up and down be patient and don’t worry, keep being you and it will happen organically over time. A bigger following isn’t always better focus on the authentic content and being real and the people who are worth it will come and send their love.

Thank you to each and every one of you authentic gems who have shown your love and support and followed my instagram and my blog you guys are awesome and are the reason I write.


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