Agate, History, Healing Power and Fashionable Uses

I have a fond love for that which is beautiful and comes from the natural earth. Agate is mainly found inside volcanic or metamorphic rocks. I wanted to share a bit about agate stone Jewelry and share some specific tips for healing use.

Agate belongs to the Quartz family, the origin of the name is of Sicilian decent, named after the Achates River where it was first discovered.

Each Agate sliver is unique and can contain inclusions from fossilization, stripes or bands, specks or even be of a solid material, the bands form in all of the unique colours in the rainbow spectrum.

Some historians and anthropologists have discovered the following about Agate

Agate was used as healing amulets and used to adorn and decorate the most fashionable Babylonians.

An Agate stone company has been established in Germany since the 15th century, and it is still operating today and are leaders in the stonecutting and polishing industry that is known around the world.

People of Greece, Russia, The Middle Eastern countries, Egypt and Africa have been using Agate for centuries for natural healing and medicinal purposes.

Agate stone is said to stabilize and strengthen our emotional, mental and physical state and is said to bring balance because it vibrates at a lower frequency than other stones in the quartz family due to the fact it accumulates an electric charge due to its voltage and electronic current when in the presence of vibrations.

As a support stone, agate provides strength and inspiration for workers in many fields and for those of us who are influencers exploring creative ventures, it is believed wearing or carrying a piece of agate can free up stagnant clogged energy and help guide our passions and creativity to flow in a stable way.

If you find in your life you are consistently consuming things you do not need, agate can help you to halt that desire, focusing on the stone allows us to recognize and appreciate what we have and be satisfied with it. If you are feeling strongly that you are excessively consuming you may want to wear some agate.

It has been used for many centuries as an amulet for protection for those who travel or are on the go, sometimes people choose to hang them in their automobiles.

Agate brings self- confidence and is suggested to be worn by new mothers to help deal with the baby blues experienced by many women after childbirth.



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