How to make the most out of your cottage vacation

  1. Take a nature walk, look for flowers to take pictures of, if you have pets you can bring them along for the adventure but make sure to look out for rattlesnakes, poison ivy, hazardous water or debris and any other danger.
  2.  If there is water, you can go fishing, go swimming, hangout on the dock or by the waterfront. If there are water toys, canoes or boats even better, but I recommend having a buddy when you canoe or boat in case something happens or bad weather rolls in.
  3.  Its fun to go to the book store and pick up a good book. If its warm, read outside on a blanket in a chair or on the deck and if its chilly, you can cozy up in the bedroom, sun room or living space.
  4.  Cottage sunsets are gorgeous there is something about being out where it is quiet and it is absolutely breath-taking when you take in the scenery and colours.
  5. Have tea and coffee in the quirkiest space, the quirkier the cottage, the more inspiration you can draw from the items and surroundings, plus they make for some original and fun content.
  6.  Visit the store in town where they have ice cream, the nearest supply stop often carries ice cream in unique fun flavours. Stock up on candy so you don’t regret it later when you are back in isolation at the cottage. Buy extra candy to share with others because honestly it will make you feel good and it goes a long way with others receiving you in a positive way, it costs little to include others.
  7. While in the wilderness why not try a sage smudge ritual or meditation, find a quiet space to be alone and really focus on healing and clearing your mind. Take in you time. Get solitude.
  8.  Take in the scenery. A green view and the sound of birds is a welcomed change from the city and suburbs and makes for great inspiration if you make a space your away from home office. reading, blogging or working on the computer can really produce creative content.
  9.  Be social, ask the people around you questions, dig around for a fun game or google one on the internet if you have access, even just chatting and catching up is a true pleasure.

Eat and drink, try a new cocktail or recipe and share with your friends and family. It feels so great to have a snack and enjoy a vacation bevy in cozy clothing.

I recommend limiting cellular communication as much as possible unless it’s for a special purpose. Time is much more enjoyable when you spend it undivided with the people you are at the cottage with. Hours and Hours of phone time, Instagram and snap chat really take away from the social vibe and the whole isolation peace and tranquility thing.


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