Easy DIY Zombie Halloween Costume

DIY Zombie Halloween Costume 

  1. Find an old school or distressed t shirt like this awesome one I found thrifting that literally says zombies on it.
  2. Use pale makeup to cover your entire face including lips , you want to look dead so making your lips look colorless is a good way to give off the corpse look.
  3. Use a light red blood toned blush on cheeks as a hint of color , line your eyes and use a good mascara to make them really pop. I have blue eyes and I am happy with the way they look however some people like to use contacts to make their eyes look even more spooky.
  4. For the hairstyle, go for the rats nest disheveled I’ve been eating people all day sort of look. I recommend to wash it the day before your Halloween event and when you wake up in the morning spray it with hairspray and tease and backcomb it really big, I add a few curls to make it look more stylish but the backcombing and hairspray give the locks a wild look.
  5. Take fake blood and put it all over your face neck and body to make it look like you are the undead feasting.
  6. For the bottom half depending on where you are going you could be more casual with jeans and sneakers or for the evening look make it more sexy with black leather leggings and heels or booties.

Anyone of any gender or age can make this easy costume with a few modifications or personal touches. Have 2 Halloween parties? Make night 2 a zombie version of night 1 costume.  Choose themed clothing or costumes  some examples are saved by the bell 90’s fashion, stranger things character or your favorite celebrity, a pregnant woman might include a zombie baby doll tummy. Whatever costume you like for Halloween just use the above DIY zombie costume steps in addition to your favorite Halloween costume.




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