Tropical Organic Piña Colada

IMG_5225.JPGHere at The Grand Hotel in New Dehli India they pride themselves on their organic juices, vegetables and fruit. This delicious take on the piña colada was enjoyed shaken over ice.

  • 1 cup of organic pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup of organic coconut water
  • 1 or 2 shots of rum
  • organic pineapple for garnish coollogo_com-267361306

Symbolism and significance of the number 3 in Hinduism

Many people in India believe that any imperfection or failure that we find in creation is God’s willful concealment of perfection and believed to be for a reason and part of a grand design a universal Rtam or order of things. I am born on November 3 in India the number three and sets of threes kept popping up everywhere so being the curious researcher I am, I looked into the 3 and its importance in Hinduism I’m so happy with what I found I wanted to share with all of you the interesting areas where 3 pops up.

In Hinduism three is important because it represents the trinity of the Gods , The Creator Brahma, The Preserver Vishnu and The Destroyer Siva. The three Gods manifest in order to achieve Rtam otherwise known as the order of things.

Brahma is the creator or prajapathi, the lord of beings, Brahma creates the most beautiful forms with his divine mind he uses both devine will and scared energy in perfect harmony manifesting pure intention.
Vishnu is the preserver of things, he maintains regularity, order, harmony and rhythm in the universe by nourishing and helping the planets and objects of heaven to stay on course and balancing the process of creation in harmony with divine will. In him divine will and energy work in perfect harmony to manifest divine intention.
Siva is the destroyer who cleans, purifies, destroys and transforms anything that is in conflict with Rtam. The destruction facilitates regeneration and renewal
of the worlds and the beings in the worlds and helps bring them into an inward journey back to the source of life, he turns everything into its origins or source. Siva is the destroyer. He ensures the Rtam of the universe by cleaning, purifying, destroying and transforming energy.
The triad is only complete because of the different but equal and essential parts of the team of God. In the Western World competition, rankings, fear and prejudice condemn our people into suffering because we are afraid of what is different or compare ourselves to others instead of celebrating our own true self as a unique and important soul.

The Number 3 has many meanings and representations across the Hindu culture and understanding these trilogies have helped me get more in touch with my soul and understand the chaos and order of the world.

* the three layers of nature, light, fire and darkness,
* the three states of being immanent, transcendent and the absolute,
* the triple division of time, past, present and future,
* the three periods of the day, morning, noon and evening,
* the three worlds of heaven, earth and the hell,
* the three phases of life, young age, middle age and old age,
* the three paths to self-realization, the path of knowledge, the path of love and the path of action,
* the three types of breath, the in breath, the out breath and the held breath,
* the triple control of thought, word and deed,
* the control of body, mind and action.