October 3, 2018 Instagram was having technical issues and for many users they see empty profiles and a message “cannot refresh feed”. And the web app gives the code  “5xx Server Error”.

On September the 25, 2018 the men behind Instagram who started it eight years ago, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, CEO and CTO stepped down citing on their blog that they would be exploring other creative things some are suspecting that it’s due to conflicts with them and with Facebook which bought Instagram 6 years ago.

Instagram is known to have technical issues and go down but with the recent stepdowns only time will tell if this outage is related or how long the outage will be or how long the app will not work and refuse to load people’s pictures and profiles.

With the Instagram outage I got thinking what would happen if it just went away one day?

How different would life be if we couldn’t scroll feeds anymore?

It got me realizing that anything could happen , perhaps its time to take a break or at least find meaning in life itself and not have to take any pictures of it to share?

This whole outage thing is simply reminding me to be more present in life and think less about social media. I’m actually going to make efforts to unplug more often and leave my phone alone when I am out enjoying.

Nobody’s lives are perfect and fomo is a real thing, what I’ve learned is that people are actually sometimes happier and better to engage with on a phone if you see them in other stories or meet them in real life, they often are checked into their phone and not each other …. suddenly the fomo isn’t so great anymore because who feels like they are missing out when they see a bunch of people on their phones and not speaking to one another. The more I see how rude and ungrateful it makes others look the more I want to be more present in the now.

any suggestions on how I can fix my Instagram addiction?



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