About Me

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

-Nathan W. Morris

I find it absolutely magnificent and inspiring to recognize that each individual is a unique canvas, an artist holding the paintbrush, choosing the palette and creating our masterpiece called life. In moments that I am uninspired or cannot control certain things in my life, I visualize the metaphor that I am a blank canvas and also an artist and  I remind myself that I must paint a life that I find rewarding. Each day we can paint whatever life we wish through the choices we make regarding what we wear, how we treat others, what we do, what we learn , watch we watch, what we eat, what we listen to and in the ever so new and aesthetically pleasing daily interactions with the people, places and things we are all fortunate enough to encounter each and every day we are lucky enough to be alive.  I love that each of us is a unique masterpiece and that we are all constantly working on becoming better people. I want to express the things that make me ME and I want to learn about the things that make you YOU.  There is enough room in the world for every single human masterpiece. Join me as I ruthlessly and frequently edit my life here on my blog.



– Sarah Anne


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