Monday Madness Music Playlist

One thing that keeps me motivated during my week, is music. I’ve linked another youareacanvas playlist for you to enjoy this week . This week’s playlist is comprised of 30 songs I love to listen to during the summer months I hope you enjoy this diverse list of artists I enjoy.

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A new bloggers thoughts on the dirty side of Instagram

There are things “Influencers” just don’t want any brands to discover, in today’s blog post I share the secrets the knowledge and the dirty side of Influencers and content creators.

Robot Followers

  • signs of robot followers are
  • lots of profiles with no pictures
  • followers who when you actually click on them, are following 5657 people with only 100 following them or they have 2-16 stock photos

I’m not accusing everybody of buying followers , even though I know people do, but I am encouraging people to go through their followers and block and delete and report their bots.

Follow spikes

One of the most obvious signs of an inauthentic influencer is follow spike. Someone had 100 followers and you check a few days later and they have 20 000.

People claiming to have authentic growth who really grow because they follow a bunch of people who follow them back and then they unfollow them hoping they wont notice

If you notice someone has a ton of followers and are not following a ton of people and they follow you, they will probably only unfollow you once you follow them and hope you don’t notice.

Some people pay companies to grow a following for them by generating likes and getting follows by following to unfollow using software.

lots of followers but no likes or comments 

If someone has thousands of followers and gets 3 likes they are definitely not real.

Folklore and legend behind The Cherry Blossom Tree

I am fortunate to have a beautiful cherry blossom tree in my front yard, a few weeks ago when I picked a blossom off of the tree to bring into my home I thought about how fascinated we all are with them and after seeing so many photographs of the beautiful blossoms I wanted to know more about the legend and story behind the captivating beauty that I was holding on to after seeing these blooms appear over multiple platforms across the interweb. I want to share the Japanese folklore that I was able to research and discover.

Beautiful trees such as the cherry blossom tree, are often a reoccurring supernatural theme in religious folklore, both Shinto and Buddhist religions believe that spirits dwell in old or pretty trees, large ropes are tied to mark spirit trees and it is bad luck to cut down the marked trees unless you wish for a life of misfortune. Spirits are called Kami and the trees are called Kodama.

In Moricka Japan, exists a 400-year-old tree they call the Ishiwari-zakura or stone splitting tree, the tree planted its roots in to a large crack in a rock and it grew so large it split the rock. I love this story because it is a metaphor to plant your roots wherever you wish even if the world says it will be impossible to grow, like the cherry tree which splits the stone, we too can split the mental stones in our mind and take root wherever we set our hearts and minds. Like my blogs philosophy you are a canvas and the world is your gallery never limit yourself by being the rock when you can be the tree.

One beautiful myth is of a wet nurse who loved a child that wasn’t her own so much that she gave her life and also her soul to protect the child and give them life it is said the tree blooms on every anniversary of her death. It is rather beautiful that a human soul can give up a life to save another.

Other things the cherry blossom tree has symbolized are hope for samurai warriors while they were in battle, life and death and the fragility of it all as the trees bloom and shed their blossoms over a very short time and also used to bring good fortune.

My favorite folk-lore legend regarding the cherry blossom tree is the story that follows

A kind old man and his wife lived next to a mean old man and his wife, the kind man and wife had a beautiful white dog named Shiro who always had stones thrown at him by the mean man next door.

One day Shiro started to get really excited and began to dig, the man got down and dug with the dog and they discovered a treasure of gold.

The mean old man saw that his neighbor was striking fortune and asked if he could borrow Shiro to show him where he might also find a treasure of gold, the nice old man sent his dog next door and said find me gold too Shiro began digging in a certain spot the mean old man tied Shiro up and dug in the spot only to find a smelly garbage hole the man was so angry he killed the dog with a blow to the head with his spade.

The kind old man and women were very sad about the loss of their beautiful dog that they planted a pine tree in memory of him, in a few short years the tree grew huge. The woman remembered how much the dog loved rice cakes and suggested that they cut down the pine tree in order to make a mold for the rice cakes. The man was pleasantly surprised when he began to beat down the rice to make a cake and it turned to gold, if course the mean old man next door saw this and said hey neighbor can I borrow your mould so I too can be rich with gold and treasure, as soon as he began to beat down the rice to make a cake it turned into a smelly pile of smelly garbage so he axed the mould and burned it in his fire. The kind old man was so sad when he discovered is precious mould was turned into a pile of ashes so he asked for the ashes and decided to take them home.

Over the winter the kind old man decided to spread the ashes in his garden because all of the trees were bare but as soon as he tossed the ashes, the garden bloomed which attracted a prince whose biggest heart ache was that his own cherry blossom tree had died. The prince came for the old man and took him back to the kingdom, the old man took some of the ashes and tossed them around the garden of the prince. The tree blossomed with the most beautiful flowers and the prince was so happy he showered the nice old man with wealth and gifts and called him Old man who makes trees blossom. The nice old man and his wife lived to their end of days happy and rich.

In this story, the power of love creates miracles. I feel in our own world today love can create miracles. We can learn from both the kind old man and the mean old man, that life is often what you give. The kind old man remained kind and loved his neighbor even when his neighbor was unkind, because that’s who he was in his soul and life rewarded him. People in the world can be cruel and unkind but we must remember to be inspired by the story of the Man Who Made the cherry blossoms grow, he treats people like gold therefor he cultivates gold. As important as the kind man, we can learn a lot from the unkind man because he treats people like garbage and therefore he cultivates garbage.


Giving you the “Scoop” On Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Ice cream sandwiches on housemade cookies, cups, cones & to-go tubs


93A Ossington Ave
Toronto, Canada
Tues-Thurs: 1pm-10pm Fri-Sat: 1pm-11pm  Sun: 1pm-10pm
You can order the ice cream at Bang Bang in a wide variety of combinations. Bang Bang’s cookies are moist my favorite is the date cookie. Be prepared to wait in line becaise Bang Bang is a popular spot, this is not a disappointing factor because a good conversation while you wait is one of life’s little pleasantries I much enjoy.  My hubby come here sometimes on hot days for a date and we love to watch what other people order  and to try their combinations sometimes ourselves.

#overrated #thatsnotwhatmysandwichsaid #icecream

Flavors featured in this photo are pb-concord grape jelly and b’day cookie doh



~ avocado burnt toffee ~ bellwoods stout beer n’ brown bread (bellwoods base) ~ black tea banana puddin’ ~ sanagans double smoked bourbon bacon ~ cinnamon toast ~ b’day cookie doh ~ corn on the cone ~ chocolate2 chocolate-hazelnut ~ candy apple cheesecake ~ chestnut-matcha ~ maltease me ~ dulce de leche ~ fresh mint ~frooty loops ~ ginger milk  chocolate ~ ginger milk ~ hazelnut ~ olive oil ~thank you very matcha ~ key lime pie ~ pink lemonade ~  London fog ~ lemon meringue ~ mud mango puddin’ ~ miso mon cheri ~ lychee raspberry ~ orange cardamom ~ fig and chevre (grey owl)  ~ passion fruit milk ~ chocolate pb-chocolate ~ pb-concord grape jelly ~ pumpkin spice ~ gingerbread  ~ rocky roadkill  ~ campfire marshmallow ~ Ontario  strawberry sjcb ~ espresso ~ vanilla bean ~ bellyache coffee and sambuca ~ Italian eggnog  ~ vegan chocolate raspberry  ~ salted caramel ~ vanilla ~ mojito

~Where there is tea there is love~ KITTEN & the BEAR



Each Sloane Tea is individually sourced from hundreds of tea gardens, Sloane Teas are carefully processed using centuries old artisan techniques by Certified Tea Sommeliers and culinary experts.  Sloane tea is  endorsed by Maître Nez (Head Nose) of one of France’s foremost perfumeries and the Studio Des Fragrance in Grasse, France.

Sloane Teas are regularly cupped and assessed by independent Certified Tea Sommeliers, gourmet chefs, culinary instructors and tea industry experts. Their knowledge and comments are passed along to you in our expert tasting reviews.



 Sloane Tea tin caddies are reminiscent of old-world luxury with a new twist – each has been inspired by Sloane tea experiences and travels

The glimpse of a paisley pashmina shawl in New Delhi’s midnight market

A gemstone pendant seen in a Darjeeling antique shop

A century old pattern on heirloom fine bone china



“where there us tea there us love”



I love a nice white dress with eyelete lace details to give you a feminine and whimsical  Alice in Wonderland vibe, I only hope that they have sloane tea down the rabbit hole.

You can find dresses in styles similar to mine at The Bay and Revolve Clothing.


The most quaint shop & tasting room
featuring artisan jams, jellies & marmalades scones, tea & coffee.
1574 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A6