This beautiful waterfall is just an hour from Toronto and it’s absolutely stunning

September is the perfect month to explore waterfalls as water is at its warmest and attractions are less busy due to many people being back to school.
Websters Falls is not far from Toronto Ontario. Just minutes outside Hamilton Ontario Canada the falls has bridges, nature trails, rustic rock stairs in ruin and a waterfall to explore.

When looking at the grounds from the path to the right of the driveway take the first path on the right and go up and around the trail to the set of stone bridges.
Two stone bridges cross over a little flowing brook, everything looks like a fairy tale story book scene, this magical setting seems like a great place to propose or take engagement photos. ( fellas you can thank me later) .

Cross the bridge and look to the left, you will see a fence with gaps to go in and the remains of an old retired trail that once took visitors on guided tours. A decently challenging decent to the bottom awaits you down a rock face, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the trees, rocks and holes to grab on to from the old retired trail. once you make it to the mid point of the hike down follow the clear dirt path and rock stairs remaining from earlier times when the place was more thriving with outdoors enthusiasts with less technology having been available to occupy time. The mid point setting is picturesque and perfect for photo opportunities so make sure your devices are charged. A staircase going to nowhere that looks like it is out of lord of the rings, makes for many possible creative ideas for photoshoots.

Continue past the stairs and continue the path to the river that flows from the waterfall. The waterfall has several rocks covered in grass you can use to grip with your feet and hop on to. You can go right into the waterfall if you are cautious and balance properly.

Websters falls is a great place for a family reunion or BBQ celebration with friends as there are several open lands and covered eating areas to cook and eat at and grass to play on or set up games on although I would not recommend the hike down to the waterfall for small children or children who are not used to outdoors climbing.



The Best things to do in Toronto for Halloween


Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace), 7-11 pm. $40-$45. To October 31.

Casa Loma has been transformed into a huge haunted house. Inside the house are a number of classic horror characters. The Castle has a two Kilometre trail beginning at the lower garden then through all of the winding and dark corners of the Castle.


Toronto Island (99 Harbour Square), 7:40-11:40 pm. $25. To October 31.

This is Toronto’s newest haunted horror. The Spooky Lagoon is a boat tour that sets out to discover the truth behind the 1815 murder of the first lighthouse keeper JP Radelmuller, a bootlegger who was believed to have been taken out by soldiers from Old Fort York. You can do this tour any weekend in October, maybe if you are lucky you will witness some of the nexplained lights and shadowy forms.


Colborne Lodge (11 Colborne Lodge), various times for adults, families and children. $27.50-$32.50. October 21 to 26.

For the West end crowd, the High Park walk is the perfect scary adventure. Walk the trails at on of the cities most frequently visited outdoor attraction. The tour explores the grounds where you learm ghostly tales such as the death on Grenadier park and a visit to the Colborne Lodge house which is reportedly haunted by its former lady owner Jemimah Howard.


16 Fleming (Brampton). $5-$7. Daytime 11 am-5 pm, October 27-31. Night time, 7-10:30 pm, October 27, 28 & 31.

This Scare Maze is complete with live actors, special fx, lights, sounds and props. This years theme is demons and the French revolution. Just a short drive from Toronto this attraction is a favourite of mine. Daytime walks are also available for younger children and are modified to be less terrifying than the night attractions.


Tickets are priced at $25.00 for adults, $16.50 for post-secondary students and youth ages 17 and under, and $21.50 for seniors

The Art Gallery of Ontario offers a glimpse into the mind of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Over 450 items on display contained in the bleak house, 95 Artist items, 1600 comics and 2000 rarely seen books from the historical library. See life-sized figures of del Toro’s most visually striking monsters, such as The Faun and Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth), the Angel of Death (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and Santi’s Ghost (The Devil’s Backbone), personal notebooks, silicone figures of characters from films and special items selected by del Toro.

 Ghosts, castles and haunted walks: Some scary things to do in Toronto as Halloween approaches Halloween Guide –
Special Thanks to CBC and Now Magazine for providing  some of the information for this post