This Toronto cafe offers a 2$ latte and it’s delicious

This cheap Toronto late is only 2$IMG_1124.JPG

Nutella cafe in Fort York is just west of the Rogers centre on the Spadina street car route. This hidden gem will get you a fresh pressed coffee (reasons to have fresh pressed coffee) or the choice of a Nutella donut, Nutella danish or an apple pie danish for only 2$ in Canada we call that a toonie. The baristas at this location take pride in creating beautiful designs in the latte which produce a positive effect on the mind and soul and serve the need for any cravings you might have for aesthetic things.IMG_1125.JPG

Nutella is a world famous food brand that globally capitalized on a niche market when they made their hazelnut spread. Nutella recently opened a series of cafes in the last few years and this particular Nutella cafe location is actually unique because it is partnered with urban fresh.

This spot is totally instagramable and you can do groceries, purchase wine or other convenience store products at the same time because it is inside an urban fresh grocery store.IMG_1126.JPG



Easy Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Easy Halloween Cocktail Recipe with Bacardi Rum


My favourite Rum in the whole world is Bacardi Rum. This past weekend my agency G of G Inc had me partner with Bacardi Canada to serve up some delicious Halloween inspired cocktails. I have come up with my own version of the Zombie cocktail it’s easy and delicious and the best part is you can also adapt this drink into a punch bowl sized beverage to be enjoyed at parties, events and showers during any season not just Halloween.

1 oz. Bacardi Superior rum
1 oz. Bacardi Black rum
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz orange juice
1 tsp. grenadine syrup
1 tsp. superfine sugar or stevia
Garnish with Cherry and Orange Slice

Drink photo is from The Cooking Channel 


Clarins New Instant Light Lip Comfort

IMG_3631.PNGClarins revolutionary formula is a fusion of rich in plant active ingredients, directly inspired by the experts who create their face and body oils.

Leaves a shiny, glossy film veil on the lips that is not sticky and slightly sweet, my lips look very moist candy leaves lips a luscious pink, tangerine leaves my lips a juicy rouge and the honey is the perfect shimmer over a nude lipstick and mint adds only shine.

A cocoon applicator does increase pleasure upon application and allows my entire lips to be coated evenly.

Absolute comfort as soon as I apply to my lips, it feels soothing and relieving with a slight warming sensation.

The scents are subtle and I enjoy the esthetics of the delivery, the whimsical colours, mirrored silver tops and a super soft oversized applicator.

The lip oil formula is rich in active ingredients from a unique fusion of plant nutrition varieties.


Hazelnut smells luxurious, it hydrates skin and contains vitamin E a potent antioxidant that fights environmental stressors and when applied directly to the skin, hazelnut oil provides moisture. The Hazelnut oil used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.

Buriti oil extracted from the buriti nut contains high concentrations of oleic acid, tocopherols and carotenoids, especially betacarotene. Recent studies have found it to filter and absorb cancer-causing UV rays from the sun .Its orangey-yellow fruit produces an amber-colored oil which is traditionally prized for its high content of nourishing fatty acids. The oil extracted from the buriti fruit and used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.

Field Mint– In the wild, field mint grows in sandy and wetland areas and meadows in Europe. However, unlike other varieties of mint, it is generally cultivated for its essential oil – menthol – extracted by crystallization. Clarins Laboratories use this ingredient for its ability to provide an immediate sensation of intense and invigorating freshness. The Field Mint oil used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.

Amaranth Plant – is a symbol of immortality since it does not wither, was considered sacred by the Incas. It has many benefits, including highly nutritious leaves and seeds and various medicinal properties. The amaranth is also an ornamental plant, with its pretty purple flowers that hang in long clusters along its tall, erect stem. Amaranth is rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics that eliminate free radicals. The oil extracted from the amaranth seed is traditionally used to nourish and comfort the skin. The amaranth oil used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.






Long Weekend Brunch at Stoney’s Bread Company

1045 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1R1
Telephone: (416) 259-9959

Steve Chabot and Blake Stoneburgh first opened the doors to Stoney’s Bread Company in 2004. The name of the restaurant was inspired by the football career of Blake’s Dad, Norm Stoneburgh. During his 13 seasons with the Toronto Argonauts he was famously known as Stoney.

Stoney’s wants to be known for  being a great restaurant with amazing food and charm. Stoney’s is a casual eatery with food fresh from the market served in a distinct atmosphere, a modern take on traditional classics. Everything at Stoney’s, from the daily soups to the artisan pizzas, is prepared with only the finest ingredients coupled with an unmatched passion for the art of cooking.

I was really impressed with how fresh everything was at Stoney’s and I am looking forward to going back to try some other great food menu items. Here are the menu items I ordered on my recent trip to the restaurant and some photos for you to see.

 butternut squash and pear soup
GRILLED VEGETABLES roasted garlic aioli, asiago, mozzarella, field greens & balsamic vinaigrette on grilled focaccia

tomato, field greens, sweet onion rosemary marmalade & three mustard aioli on a panini

vanilla crêpe with banana, strawberries, toasted almonds & honey with vanilla whipped cream