A simple exercise for unblocking energy and letting it go

Exercise for unblocking energy

Often we have blocks and obstacles that hinder our greatest potential to manifest we must soften our resistance to change so we can be open to new perspectives if we want to see our hidden blessings and messages.

Think about what’s blocking your energy free write on paper anything in your heart, this includes your fears and anxieties surrounding all of your intentions.

Don’t forget to breathe as you write down each thing specifically that you are ready to release and let go of.

Let the who or what you are ready to forgive maybe another person, a situation, or yourself come to mind, accept that you cannot change the past or control any mind but your own, find peace in your peace and let it all go.

Send love to yourself and your life. Express a simple thank you of gratitude for the connected awareness and clarity your sacred experience has brought you.

Letting Go

Take the paper from your energy unblocking exercise and burn the paper outside, watch the smoke rise to the moon, breathe deep, drop your shoulders and visualize how light and happy you are feeling after unblocking your energy, let the moons illuminating light heal you and charge your energy, think about yourself as a pure white canvas now.

You should now feel renewed and this is the perfect time to set intentions to paper and start manifesting your dreams.

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