How to talk to kids about not littering

When you see your child or a child in your care littering, it’s important to teach them right from wrong. I had to do this, this week when a friends child was in my care we got ice cream and I asked where she put the garbage she showed me she had tossed it in a bush. I said sweetie we don’t litter that’s very bad, your not in trouble I just want to share with you why it’s important not to litter.

I asked her if we all dropped our garbage what our world would look like and she said ugly and I said you are right do you understand why we don’t litter now?

Things to say to children (or anyone really)  about littering

  • We take trash to a garbage can
  • If we can’t or don’t want to hold onto the messy garbage we give it  to the adult we are with so they can help us
  • We take everything we bring with us home if their is no garbage can available we pack a garbage bag to collect the trash so that our bags don’t get messy
  • If we see others littering we gently remind them to please pick up after themselves.

After we had our chat and she relayed the information and understood why it’s important not to litter, we headed to the beach and we found it trashed with garbage I told her this is why we don’t litter because it ruins the beauty of nature when we leave messes for others, her and I then filled our own bag with the others trash and brought it home to toss it out.

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