How to make mom friends

how to make mom friends amidst the end of a global pandemic. 

I made mom friends and you can too, I wanted to put together this blog post for moms to get ideas of how they can make mom friends, if you’ve found this blog post you are likely finding yourself in the same situation I was in just a few months ago, I’m here to tell you making mom friends is easier than you ever thought and anyone can do it you just have to stop being afraid and just put yourself out there. 

I would start by searching online on Facebook or Instagram in the location that you are living in or going to be living in if your moving. Look up “city you live in” moms or moms and babies of “city you live in” or “city you live in ” moms and babies of “year baby is born in” there are many groups of moms online who are supportive kind and even throw events for babies and moms. This week I went to a play gym and next week I am going to a stroller moms brewery lunch. Events are open to all moms and moms come alone to meet other moms. When you have babies it’s surprisingly easy to make friends because you already have something you love in common to talk about…. your children! 

Another thing you can do to meet moms in your area is to look up hashtags on Instagram I am in the Ottawa Ontario Canada area so I would look up #ottawamoms and when I find other moms online with babies I like their posts and send a friendly dm to ask if maybe the other mom would like to do lunch or a stroller hike or whatever you will be surprised at how many other moms are lonely and looking for company too. 

The wonderful thing about living in 2022 is you don’t even have to leave your home to make mom friends, when I was pregnant I took note of the women online who I knew were also pregnant and expecting babies the same year as me. Moms love to talk about how things are going for them, it’s nice to have moms to talk to about your babies developments the silly things that happen or just how much your exhausted being a mom. Asking advice on your Instagram or Facebook stories is a good way to open yourself up to talking to other moms, need to know the best diapers or what products actually help with teething…. ask the moms online you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many helpful moms will respond to you and offer their support and friendship. 

Many wellness groups, yoga studios, community centres and stores have small events that take place weekly or monthly many of these events are free. Try searching for things your interested in doing like stroller walk, baby yoga or community swim and see what comes up. 

Take a field trip and start a conversation. The park , the apple orchard the grocery store …wherever … just get out of the house if you can and start a conversation with another mom. Ask how old their adorable child is if they live close by if they might want to get together sometime it seems forward but many moms are looking for friends too! One easy way I found to break the ice is when you see a mom and her child out somewhere alone ask if you can take their picture for them, it’s a great ice breaker to start a conversation with another mom and doing them a favour makes them feel good. 

Just remember your never alone, motherhood is wonderful but staying at home all the time with just the company of your baby can really make you feel some serious cabin fever! I moved to a new city when I was pregnant where I didn’t know many people for months I looked at other moms online with their mom friendships and felt a little sad that I didn’t have that in person interactions in my new city. With the encouragement of a mom friend back home who said being with other moms literally saved my sanity and maybe my life, I had the healthy push to put myself out there and make some real life mom friends. I can totally agree with my girlfriend it really does help your mental health, being able to put on a cute outfit and some makeup and just talk and laugh with other moms is really good for my self esteem. You won’t be best friends with every single person you meet but you will meet some moms whose vibe is fit for your tribe, make sure to take down their contact information and keep in touch, all friendships start somewhere and as your babies grow to be toddlers and children you can continue to hang out. 

Thank you for reading my blog post on How to make mom friends, I hope some of these tips have helped you find the push to get out there and get it done! Feel free to leave any tips, challenges or experiences you have in the comments below. 



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