This beautiful waterfall is just an hour from Toronto and it’s absolutely stunning

September is the perfect month to explore waterfalls as water is at its warmest and attractions are less busy due to many people being back to school.
Websters Falls is not far from Toronto Ontario. Just minutes outside Hamilton Ontario Canada the falls has bridges, nature trails, rustic rock stairs in ruin and a waterfall to explore.

When looking at the grounds from the path to the right of the driveway take the first path on the right and go up and around the trail to the set of stone bridges.
Two stone bridges cross over a little flowing brook, everything looks like a fairy tale story book scene, this magical setting seems like a great place to propose or take engagement photos. ( fellas you can thank me later) .

Cross the bridge and look to the left, you will see a fence with gaps to go in and the remains of an old retired trail that once took visitors on guided tours. A decently challenging decent to the bottom awaits you down a rock face, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the trees, rocks and holes to grab on to from the old retired trail. once you make it to the mid point of the hike down follow the clear dirt path and rock stairs remaining from earlier times when the place was more thriving with outdoors enthusiasts with less technology having been available to occupy time. The mid point setting is picturesque and perfect for photo opportunities so make sure your devices are charged. A staircase going to nowhere that looks like it is out of lord of the rings, makes for many possible creative ideas for photoshoots.

Continue past the stairs and continue the path to the river that flows from the waterfall. The waterfall has several rocks covered in grass you can use to grip with your feet and hop on to. You can go right into the waterfall if you are cautious and balance properly.

Websters falls is a great place for a family reunion or BBQ celebration with friends as there are several open lands and covered eating areas to cook and eat at and grass to play on or set up games on although I would not recommend the hike down to the waterfall for small children or children who are not used to outdoors climbing.



How to be more popular at parties and social gatherings

Tips for being popular at parties and social gatherings
Treat others how you would like to be treated
1. Remember others names
Calling someone by name and taking the time to remember a name in this busy society goes a long way in making lasting positive impressions on others. Science has proven that we remember things in three’s so I like to have three pathways set up to remember names.
  • First I makeup a rhyme like for Robert, Robert Bobert
  • I then connect Robert to someone I know “Robert is Becky’s husband” or “Robert like my Uncle Robert”
  • My final connection is made by saying the name back to Robert three times
  • “How are you Robert” “ Helen have you and Robert seen the latest movie?” “do you have any pets Robert?”
2. Ask open ended questions
People like to be listened to and some people are shy, avoid yes or no questions that block the flow of conversation and use open ended questions an example of an open-ended question is “what is your favorite restaurant and why?” an example of a question that blocks the flow of conversation would be “do you like food?”
3. Shift the Conversation from yourself to others to allow others to talk about themselves.
I used to be a nervous rambler and anytime I met someone I would nervously talk about myself, this lead me to knowing little about people that I met in life and always being left with a feeling of longing to see them again to ask more questions. I made it my mission to learn as much as possible about others and share as little as possible about myself unless of course I am asked and then I provide short concise answers, this way others are left wanting to learn more and you leave knowing a lot about your new social connections.
4. Use body language to show others you are interested in them
Making eye contact with others who are speaking and leaning in or mirroring others body language goes a long way in making others feel more comfortable and want to be around you. When making eye contact remember to look down then back up every few seconds so you don’t come across too intense. If you are speaking, make sure to use your eyes to engage with everyone fairly especially in groups of three.
5. Do not exclude others
Get togethers are for making friends and being social be mindful not to create circles that exclude other people from joining because you will miss out on building new relationships and may make others feel secluded or left out. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated, chances are high that if you find yourself at the same get together as another person that you are likely to see them again so don’t be rude.

Never Be Rude                Always Be Polite


As Promised the worst party fails I have experienced
The first party fail happened at a wedding cocktail hour, a group of women who were long time girlfriends made a statement exclusively taking pictures together and getting other women to take the pictures while others awkwardly watched and felt left out.The girls should have made the energy more open by gathering everyone together to feel included and asking a wedding staff person to take the photo for a keepsake for the bride and groom of the special blend of friends.
The next party fail moment was at a get together where two women were clearly sitting next to one another texting to make fun of someone in the room, not sure if it was me but it felt like it because when people do rude things it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Phone bullying is rude whether someone is trying to embarrass someone on an Instagram video or snapchat or people in the room are clearly texting each other and making fun of someone in the room the behavior is obvious and repels all good people who make life better while attracting all the people who are drama and make life worse.
The final party fail was where one woman had a low cut dress and had a wardrobe malfunction, instead of quietly pulling the woman aside this woman savagely yells across a table full of people that this woman is exposing herself, even if she was which she wasn’t you pull someone aside and quietly let them know they have a wardrobe malfunction or lipstick on their teeth, calling people out and embarrassing them is very rude and just makes the rude person seem jealous and petty.
The photo is from The Store on Queen Tea Party the owners of this Toronto store Vava and Angela also known as Hubby and Wifey are always the most fun women to party with. 

Kiehl’s Comes to Canada

I recently joined the staff of Kiehl’s Queen Street West for their launch event. I was super excited to see that Kiehl’s opened here in Toronto Canada, because I have been trying to get my hands on their Lip # 1 treatment for years since my cousin brought me back a few from her trip to Korea. The event was fabulous, Kiehl’s didn’t miss a detail.

The event was catered by Kupfert and Kim with fresh coffee from Cali love.

I dug into a few of the chocolate covered strawberries from the locally owned and run shotberry


Kiehl’s features modern and classic style around their store and their products are all organized by sections making it easy to find just what you are looking for.

Peter Grande is the Assistant manager at the Toronto Eaton Center Kiehl’s location and works with their Canadian Public Relations team he is passionate when it comes to skincare and very knowlegable. I will be returning to Kiel’s Eaton Center sometime over the upcoming weeks for a one on one with Peter so he can create a custom blend oil for my skin. Peter is also a blogger and has some amazing tips and recommendations on his blog


Keihl’s gives back to the community and is a proud sponsor and supporter ofCamp Ooch. 


Now a little but about the products I took home with me.

Lip Balm #1 SPF 4 sunscreen. Relieves Cracked or Chapped Lips. Not Tested on Animals. Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.
I Love this lip balm and so does my hubby, great for both men and women it keeps my lips hydrated and smells amazing.
Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25  Made with coconut oil, instantly melts onto lips, providing a cushion of soothing moisture. With antioxidants, including lemon butter, combined with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen, Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25 provides year-round protection for lips. Lips feel and look softer, smoother and moisturised, and stay hydrated for up to 12 hours after application.
Having been a fan of Lip Balm #1 I was so excited to try the Butterstick in pop of peonies, it is the perfect shade of summery pink, perk of this product is its long lasting I feel this product working its magic hours later as they claim and in the past few weeks I have seen a reduction of lines around my lips due to the amazing natural ingredients.
Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil This all-in one non-comedogenic cleansing formula emulsifies with water to a cleansing milk, gently, yet effectively dissolving even difficult-to-remove makeup and impurities without over-drying. It leaves skin not only fresh and clean but also skin balanced, soothed and prepared for optimal night-time replenishment. made from an aromatic blend of pure botanical oils: Squalane, a planted-derived lipid with a natural affinity for skin; Evening Primrose Oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids; and Lavender Essential Oil. And it’s Soap-free, Sulfate-free, and Mineral Oil free. Perfect one-stop cleanser.
This cleansing oil and makeup remover is the best one I have tried to date, it takes off all of my stubborn mascara and is so gentle and smells luxorious.
Midnight Recovery Concentrate One night. A few drops. Younger-looking skin by morning. Skin’s moisture level is replenished overnight. 99.8% Naturally Derived Ingredients. Helps to recover radiance by morning. Paraben-Free.
This product works so well on my fine lines in my forehead and puffiness around my eyes that happens on mornings after nights when I do not get my recommended 8 hours of sleep.
Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Unique, concentrated texture.Does not migrate into eyes.Gently moisturizes the delicate eye area. Ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested. Rich and creamy non-migrating formula that delivers moisture to the delicate under eye-area. Gently protects the skin against external aggressors.
Everything recommended to treat my eyes always makes them burn, not Keihl’s, I love how thick the product goes on without looking thick and I do see a reduction of puffiness and dark circles once I use this treatment.
Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate Line-reducing skin concentrate, containing 10.5% Vitamin C.Helps reduce the appearance of marionette lines from the corners of the mouth, leading towards the chin.Improves the appearance of crows feet lines and wrinkles as well as Sub-orbital wrinkles in the eye area. Helps to improve skin appearance and texture.
Vitamin C is proven to fight signs of ageing so I was really excited to see Keihl’s brightening concentrate had a high concentrate of vitamin C. This Eye-Brightening Concentrate is like coffee for tired eye and it works fast.

A new bloggers thoughts on the dirty side of Instagram

There are things “Influencers” just don’t want any brands to discover, in today’s blog post I share the secrets the knowledge and the dirty side of Influencers and content creators.

Robot Followers

  • signs of robot followers are
  • lots of profiles with no pictures
  • followers who when you actually click on them, are following 5657 people with only 100 following them or they have 2-16 stock photos

I’m not accusing everybody of buying followers , even though I know people do, but I am encouraging people to go through their followers and block and delete and report their bots.

Follow spikes

One of the most obvious signs of an inauthentic influencer is follow spike. Someone had 100 followers and you check a few days later and they have 20 000.

People claiming to have authentic growth who really grow because they follow a bunch of people who follow them back and then they unfollow them hoping they wont notice

If you notice someone has a ton of followers and are not following a ton of people and they follow you, they will probably only unfollow you once you follow them and hope you don’t notice.

Some people pay companies to grow a following for them by generating likes and getting follows by following to unfollow using software.

lots of followers but no likes or comments 

If someone has thousands of followers and gets 3 likes they are definitely not real.