DIY Christmas Wreaths

DIY Christmas Wreaths


Baby it’s cold outside and cold weather days or nights are the perfect nights to get together with some girlfriends or create some beautiful decor while snuggled up at home with your hot chocolate watching Christmas movies.

I’m blessed to have a very creative friend Lisa @lj_Mcwatters on Instagram  she’s an amazing mom and she’s taken me into her family, we love to spend quality time with the kids and do crafty things while saving money.

Both Lisa and I were blessed to have creative crafty moms who loved to fill their homes with beautiful DIY decor, our childhoods were filled with creativity and inspiration. We lost our friend and sister Nichole and always enjoyed creating with her, crafting honours her memory and is therapeutic and uplifting for our souls.

We put this blog post together to inspire others to have their own craft nights, and consider arts and crafts as part of their self- care routine.

A good place to start is by doing research to find some inspiration for your creation, having an idea of the shape and colour of what you want for your wreath cuts down on over spending and feeling overwhelmed picking your decor. Google images, Pinterest, searching the hashtags #holidaywreath #diyholidaywreath #christmaswreath and even taking pictures of wreaths you see for sale at stores when you are out and about.

Shopping list

Glue gun and glue sticks

Wooden wreaths

Wired ribbon (we love wired because you can shape it nicely in your wreath)

Winter foliage to decorate your wreath

To make two wreaths  (We had extra foliage and should have purchased two more $3.00 wreaths ) Sarah used the following for two wreathes

One giant flower with both Rose Gold and Gold and cream petals

A hanging garland with frosted snow and pinecones

Champagne silver sparkly coral bundle

Rose Gold painted bundle

Rose Gold wired fancy flower bouquet


Dissemble all of your flower bundles, the flowers are on wire you cannot cut, so you pull off each smaller bundle and sort them so you know how many to put on each wreath and how to put them together nicely.

Decide how you want your wreath to be decorated, you can cover the whole wreath, one side, half or just the bottom. We like to lay out my flowers onto the wreath before we glue them.

We like to start with the edges of our wreath and glue down all of the edges and greens. Then we add in different bits of flowers into the greens.

You can make a centrepiece bow out of ribbon and flowers, adding in pieces that have been put throughout the wreath. Or you can use flowers and foliage to create a center piece of the wreath.

To make a really good bow, break the bow into smaller pieces cut strips make a loop and bend it into a nice shape.

Once we glue on all the pieces, we go back into your wreath and add any pieces to shape it and make it more full.

Hang your wreath or give your wreath as a gift, We love to look at what decor our friends and family have for Christmas and make a custom wreath that matches their theme.

Tips and Creative Inspiration

The gorgeous giant wreath was made by Lisa, she got it for $10.00 at a micheals two for one sale, she loves frosted foliage, reds, whites, florals and frosted pinecones. The wreath she created gives off all the cozy family Christmas vibes. 


The two smaller wreath’s were made by Sarah she has a White Christmas tree and decorates with only metallics so she chose to do very glittery metallic wreaths.

We took a picture of a garland that micheals had for $85.00 just to compare to our dollar store wreath creations, We have nothing against micheals because they have really beautiful things, however we were inspired to take a few hours to make our own Christmas decor.



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