The best Shortbread Cookies in the world



I have the sweetest most thoughtful mom in the world so when Corona Virus Covid 19 started to make me miss my family far away, she couriered my favourite shortbread cookies to me.

I wanted to share this delicious Canadian brand you may or may not have heard of but that are world famous for creating the best shortbread cookies.

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in 1981. As a wee lass back home in Glasgow, Scotland, Mary learned to bake from her mother and French grandmother, this recipe is a closely-guarded secret, handed down from Grandmother to Mother, to Mary, and now, from Mary to her daughter-in-law, Sharon.

She began baking her signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread from a small shop under the marquee of the Capitol Theatre in Toronto. Her shortbread was an instant hit and after 35 years it’s still a Toronto, and now, international favourite. A true original, hers was the first business in Canada devoted exclusively to making artisanal shortbread.


The cookies come in Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Chocolate, Espresso Chocolate, Butterscotch, Traditional, and now, Maple Crunch. The cookies are buttery sweet perfection you will not complain about these cookies.


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