The best dog leash for dogs who pull

Our latest brand partnership is with VIVAGLORY pets, a brand I can stand behind representing because they keep the important man in my life safe.

Charlie is an American Labrador rescue dog who was a wild dog until I rescued him 3 months ago, he weighs 60 pounds at 10 months of age  and he loves to run and pull. The VIVAGLORY leash helps me keep control of him and train him to behave. 


I learned the hard way when I used a pretty hunting leash that gave me serious rope burn when he pulled and got away at night and I couldn’t see him, Charlie loves to grab sticks too and the swivel feature helps them not get caught in the leash. This leash is reflective, comfortable to hold and safe.


VIVAGLORY dog leash

  • Padded Handles: Soft Neoprene and padded handle is so comfortable
  • No More Rope Burn due to the extra traffic handle, which can control your dog easily when in emergency I can use the
  • 360° Rotating Clasp: the Swivel clasp prevents the leash from twisting and dog getting tangled.
  • Heavy-duty aviation carabiner clasp makes these training leashes last longer than most others.
  • The double layer tightly webbed nylon make the leash strong and sturdy.
  • Luminous reflective threading throughout the entire leash makes your dog highly visible to keep safe at nightSize Guidance: Lengths are measured from end to top, including loop handle and metal clasp.

The brand suggests Leashes of 1 inch in width with larger clasp for medium to large dogs, 3/5 inch in width with smaller and lighter claps for small to medium dogs.

Lifetime Warranty: VIVAGLORY guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship of their dog leashes for life. If you experience a problem, you just contact the VIVAGLORY team for easy and hassle free professional help.

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