How to sleep better

  1. Take a relaxing shower or bath with Luxury products to have a spa at home night I recommend Dr Teals lavender.
  2. Turn off your phone an hour before you go to bed, blue light disrupts the brains ability to sleep deeply
  3. Make your bed every morning and keep your sheets smelling clean and fresh, a comfortable clean bed can help set the mood for sleeping, this works pillow pray is lovely too.
  4. Try a body scan mediation, this helps you relax your mind and body, deep relaxation can help you sleep.
  5. Use relaxing lights and sounds, I love the sound and smell of my diffuser with lavender or eucalyptus, I set the light to a relaxing amber.
  6. Clear the mind with a journal or gratitude exercise, check in with yourself and your feelings to get them out on paper before you sleep, this helps clear the mind.
  7. Try binaural beats happiness frequency on YouTube this stimulates serotonin and helps the mind go into a deep relaxing state.
  8. Roll out your body with a foam roller and stretch before bed, this helps take any tension out of your body so you can sleep more comfortably, any foam roller will do but the foam roller from sport check has really nice grooves for massage.
  9. Try a nice herbal tea to soothe your mind and body my favourites are chamomile lavender or anything with turmeric I shared my two favourite teas.
  10. Prepare for sleep and set a bedtime based on your schedule, it’s best to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night.





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