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I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts that have been so bad at points that I have a cosmetics dermatologist. Doctor Copland gave me a list of product ingredients to avoid and this lead me on a long and tiresome search for clean makeup. Most of the makeup on the markets that is branded to be natural and have natural ingredients actually have toxic chemicals that age the skin, disrupt our endocrine systems, cause cancer and other health problems including breakouts. I was really happy to discover LAWLESS the all natural clean, vegan cosmetics brand that actually doesn’t contain any of the ingredients Dr. Copeland told me to avoid.




Suja Juice founder, Annie Lawless, is reimagining clean makeup. As makeup girl who loves clean living, Lawless found it difficult to find products that were certified clean, but still offered full coverage. Her followers also voiced similar concerns which led Lawless to launch Lawless Beauty in 2018 to bring clean, fun and full coverage makeup to the beauty industry. (Forbes )

Annie Lawless: I think a big problem in the clean makeup market is that a lot of these “natural” products, really aren’t that clean. Yes, they may have one or two clean ingredients, but they still have a lot of other toxic ingredients. I also think a lot of the natural makeup out there, frankly does not perform to the level we want. With LAWLESS, our formulations truly are Clean AF (that’s our brand tagline!) because I really wanted people to understand that every ingredient is carefully considered. Plus, I am a makeup girl! I want full-coverage, high-pigment and fun packaging. Makeup is supposed to be fun! I felt a lot of the natural makeup on the market was really missing the mark for me, so that’s how LAWLESS was born.

The ONE palette that has everything you need in one place.

This Shadow includes a buttery matte cream, a rich warm-toned brown, a peachy transition, champagne, gold, and bronze metallics, an extreme matte black, a subtle satin brow bone highlight, a rich plummy burgundy, brightening warm yellows and oranges, a sculpting deep cool brown, and wearable jewel toned mauves and magentas.


This palette is absolutely beautiful and the quality is high end. I’m so happy to have such shimmers and mattes in one product, it’s not just useful for the eyes but as a contour, highlighter, blush and bronzer too. This palette was rather pricey but I saved $20.00 from the $89.00 price and paid $59.00 on sale at Sephora. My little sister Emily gifted me the gift card for Christmas and I was saving it for something special. I am willing to pay this price for makeup that is clean because this palette will last me awhile and no other palettes exist on the market quite like the one, in terms of the gorgeous colours and the clean quality.  I’m excited to continue building my makeup collection with clean beauty products.


I felt that this blog post would be a good space to link some documentaries and short series shows on the toxic cosmetic industry so that you could inform yourself too and perhaps you will be inspired as I was, to make better choices with your cosmetic purchases and brand collaborations and supporting brands that aim to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

This film focuses on the Palm oil trade and where our makeup comes from.

A helpful short documentary with a focus on endocrine disrupters.

The Global Cosmetics Industry supports child labour.  Vice visits children in India as they mine for Mica, this is the product that creates a shimmer effect and is found in most cosmetics and many electronics.

Learn how to read labels and identify toxic chemicals and ingredients harmful to your health.

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